21 things you might not know about us

Yes its been a while since we’ve done this so theres definitely some new things in there you might not know!

So here goes…..


  1. We are Identical twins surprise ! probably didn’t know that one LOL. Nicole is older by THREE WHOLE MINUTES!
  2. We are no longer “The Benton Twins” Danielle recently got married so she’s now a ‘Lalor’.
  3. We fight a lot, however we get over it in five minutes.
  4. We’re both Vegetarian. We have never really eaten meat our whole lives, we genuinely don’t like the thought of eating animals or the taste.texture…etc
  5. Danielle recently had braces. Yep just like a high school student Danielle got Rapid smile so her teeth were extra straight before the wedding.
  6. Blogging isn’t our full time jobs. We both blog part time, Nicole works for Virgin Australia at Syd international and Danielle works for her sister in laws fashion label “Erin Louise”
  7. Our Fav place to travel. We travel quite a lot and for both of us Bali would have to be our fav destination. We love the Food, the people, the accommodation, the beaches..the list goes on!
  8. Born in the shire. Yep we have both lived in the Sutherland shire in Sydney our whole lives (Cronulla).
  9. Exercise. We both love to do yoga at least once a week, short and long distance runs and we do Sydney Dance Company classes each week, keeping fit is the best!
  10. Bachelor of Music and Entertainment. After school we both graduated from JMC Academy Sydney. We have a Bachelor in Music and Entertainment majoring in Vocals (we used to want to be Beyonce).
  11. Who’s Taller??? Nicole is taller by 2cm
  12. Siblings. We are the youngest in a family of 4 kids, we have an older brother and sister
  13. Nicole recently got engaged. a week ago Nicole got engaged to long time boyfriend Justin (@whereswuzzy) during a holiday in Palm springs and Joshua tree
  14. Mirror Image. Danielle is left handed and Nicole is right handed
  15. Fashion. Danielle’s favourite thing to wear is jeans and Nicole’s is a midi styled dress
  16. Random fact. Australia’s first theme park (Dreamworld) was built by our best friends Grandfather
  17. Roomies. We shared a room with bunk beds until the age of 18 (that’s embarrassing)
  18. Fav Movie. .. Well we couldn’t choose one but it’s Devil Wears Prada & Blue Crush
  19. Family pets.  We have a pet cat (Tilds) we have always grown up with cats, to be honest dogs scare us
  20. Skincare secrets. Our fav cleanser we have used for the past 2 years is ‘asap facial cleanser’
  21. Master Chef. We aren’t very good at cooking, however our favourite dish to cook is Pesto Gnocchi


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