Photography: Justin Rolleston

Makeup: The makeup Society

We are excited to share with you our make up tips for your day to day wear and evening wear. 

One of our good friends Rachel Pitt from “The Makeup Society” is always there for us to do our makeup for shoots. We absolutely adore her and believe she truly knows what makeup suits our faces more than we do!

We have layed down all the main products she used for this post and what she tends to use on us in general.

FOUNDATION: As most people would agree using liquid foundation can be a bit much for every day, however we believe its how you apply it that really matters. Over doing your foundation can ruin the end result. Thats why Rach has applied a light amount evenly on our faces. Applying with a thick brush then using a small amount of blush to finish the look off.

EYES: Less is more when it comes to your eye makeup. We tend to use neutral colours such as browns, golds and shimmers. We find it works best especially with a pop of colour on the lip. The darker the lip the lighter the eyes.

LASHES: We LOVE lashes! We have always loved Rach applying fake lashes to the ends of our eyes (the individual ones). It creates our eyes to look bigger and makes the overall eye look more “fuller” as both of us naturally have quite blonde lashes without makeup, we highly recommend the individual lashes.

LIPS: We always have loved a pop of colour on the lips, however its always nice to keep it simple and natural as well. In this case Rach has applied M.A.C ‘Honey Love’ with a layer of clear gloss over the top.

BROWS: Rach has always taught us to use eyeshadow on your brows as it spreads evenly and blends well. We try not to colour them in too much as it starts to look un natural with both our light features.





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