Grey on Grey

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Photography: Wes Tan 
Make Up: Rachel Pitt- The Makeup Society
Hair: Edwards + Co
Danielle: Interval Flare sleeved top,  Interval Lluvia Mini skirt , Givenchy Bag, Hael + Jax Booties and Nylons earrings
Nicole: Interval knit dress, Balenciaga classic Bag and TopShop boots.
Fifty shades of grey?..We’d love a hundred shades of grey!
Grey is that colour we believe looks good on anyone. Alongside black and white its our Go-to colour for both winter and summer. It screams comfort, simplicity and style in our eyes.
We loved pairing these Interval pieces with black accessories, keeping it simple of course with an ankle boot. We could definitely wear these during winter right through to the summer months.
let us know your favourite colours to wear 
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