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This month we’ve teamed up with the legends at Running Bare to talk all things Fitness. 
We get asked a lot “How do you stay fit?” “How do you have time to exercise?” To be honest we do find it hard to exercise during a busy week. BUT we still manage to make it happen. It’s all about being Motivated. 
When we are at home this is what we do: 
  • Cardio & Resistance: At the moment we are both going to F45 classes. We aim to attend a minimum of three classes a week. The classes include both cardio and weights. 
  • Yoga: We have a close friend of ours that does local yoga classes every night during the week, we aim to go to at least one class a week. We find it not only good for toning, but its amazing for the mind and soul. It’s our go- to class when we are both feeling stressed. 
  • Dance class: every now and again (when we have more of a free week) We will attend a JFH class (jazz,funk,hip hop) at Sydney dance company. We walk out of the class completely sweating head to toe. It’s such a great fun work out! We highly recommend grabbing your girlfriends/boyfriends and attending a dance class. You don’t have to be a dance expert to attend the classes! 
  • Esplanade walks: living on the beach we find it easy to go for a quick 45min-1 hour walk along the Cronulla Esplanade. This is one form of exercise we always have time for! Especially on a beautiful sunny day.  You’ll be surprised how much body fat you can lose just by power walking
  • Running: We both have always loved cardio. Sprints would have to be our specialty! When we get the chance we do hill sprints in a near by street, or stair runs, up and down the stairs by the beach. We find even half an hour of this can give you the best results. 
Living in Cronulla we consider ourselves lucky. We have so many great outdoor workout destinations! As mentioned before the esplanade is always a favourite of ours, the Cronulla Sandhills (this is a killer!) and we have a variety of outdoor gym equipment in the park. The lifestyles we both live allow us to be extremely active not only in summer but throughout the entire year. 
No matter where you live you should always try find outdoor workout locations. Even if it’s just using a park bench!
When travelling we always make sure we pack the essentials… Our fitness gear! We will always pack a pair of runners,  a couple of sports crops and running tights no matter where we are going. 
If the hotel/ resort we are staying in doesn’t have a gym we tend to go for a lot of walks, either around the block, on the beach or even up and down flights of stairs! 
We find that most resorts we stay in have a tennis court. Let’s face it… Who doesn’t love playing tennis!? We will always find ourselves playing rounds of tennis with each other or friends. It’s a great way to entertain yourself while exercising on a holiday. 
If we are on the go 24/7 whilst away and we find ourselves having no time to exercise at all we will do a quick ab session in the hotel room before breakfast. We love doing sits ups and holding plank. Even a 15 min session will help! 
Our friends have always told us that we “never stop” We are both naturally energetic people and we love to exercise! 
Let us know what you do to stay fit!

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