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Nicole: Shapes in the sand waterangel one piece, Paper Crab honeycomb ring and Dana Bronfman bracelet

Danielle: Bondi bather sassy lassy one piece

Numa Collection Towel

SMK pink lunch bag

Prymal Fedora

Ahhhh summer. Our favourite time of the year.

Christmas and New years are over now we can finally stop eating so much and get into our cosies. You wouldn’t  normally see us in colourful full pieces, but we thought its 2016, why not bring some colour into our swimwear!

We were excited to work with the Helm Agency. We think what they do it amazing. Their drive behind working with certain brands is to get the message out there about ethical fashion. Each brand they work with truly have a great message behind them.  for example, pieces from Shapes in the sand are sourced, designed, printed and produced in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

For more information on the agency and their message visit




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