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Let’s push fashion aside for a moment and focus more on the products!
We get asked a lot what are our favourite skin products to use and what we recommend to use daily.
To be honest we are very fortunate and get given a lot of products to try. Sometimes we find it overwhelming to try them all at once as we never really get to see the result from one particular product when mixing with 1000 other products and brands. We also find our skin breaks out whilst trying out too many at a time.
Therefore, Simplicity is the key!! That’s why we try to keep our skin routines as simple as possible and just stick to the one product until it runs out so we can get a better result.
No this post isn’t sponsored, we just like to be honest with our followers and tell them what works on our skin and what we truly recommend. Keep in mind everyone’s skin is different so what works on us might not work for you.
Have you ever approached a random (or someone you know) with incredibly clear skin and asked them what do they use?
We do that all the time! Mostly the response is “I don’t use anything” or “I don’t really wash my face” or I just use water”.
Let’s face it we aren’t as fortunate as some, so we have to use products (mostly natural) on our faces to see a result.
We’ve tried the whole “No Products” thing whilst travelling in tropical places, leaving the salt water and fresh air to do the job. But nope unforunately that doesn’t work for us!
So here’s a list of our favourite beauty products.
We find ourselves using ASAP facial cleanser to wash and remove makeup, morning and night.
ASAP products were first introduced to us by the beautiful ladies at Bliss Day spa. The cleanser is an oil free formula that contains AHAs to loosen and remove dead skin cells.
Another cleanser we have found to work is the Paula’s choice Skin Balancing Oil reducing cleanser. We both have quite oily skin, so we found this cleanser reduced our impurities and is also great for removing makeup.
To be honest we don’t moisturise more than once a day as we find it builds up in our pores and causes pimples (hence why we have oily skin).
However, we like to use (especially in winter) Paula’s Choice invisible finish moisture gel, which is great for normal/ oily skin. It doesn’t feel too thick and feels really nice against the skin.
Another moisturiser we have only recently started using is the Drunk Elephant whipped cream from Mecca. This one is great to put on at night or before a long flight. It contains 6 African oils which lock in moisture on the face.
During summer we both usually use a moisturiser with SPF in it. One we would recommend is the Paula’s Choice Resist SPF 15 skin restoring moisturiser with antioxidants.
Facial oils:
We find putting oils on our face the most satisfying part! We usually use facial oils just before we go to bed, so we can wake up to fresh younger looking skin! Because let’s face it,we’re in our late 20’s so we aren’t getting any younger!
The first ever facial oil we used was Rosehip oil years ago and we still use it to this day.
We find Rosehip oil keeps our skin well balanced and boosts moisture in the skin.
Our favourite brands to use are;
Facial Serums:
We’ve had alot of friends ask us why do we need both facial oils and serums? To be honest we love to rotate and use both at night. They definitely play a vital role in your skin routine.
Serums generally Repair and protect your skin fighting against any signs of ageing, pigmentation and acne.
Our favourite ones to use have been;
  • Farsáli Volcanic Elixir, this particularly has helped to reduce pigmentation on the skin. Be careful though it stings if you get it in the eyes! (We’ve both done that many times)
  • Grown Alchemist brightening serum, we’ve just started using this and already can see it improve skin blemishes.
Eye creams:
We LOVE eye creams. We will both use an eye cream morning and night. At the moment we are both using the Paula’s choice Resist anti-aging eye cream. It’s light for under the makeup and it really smoothes out those fine lines around the eyes.
Spot gels:
These are perfect to use before bed. They really target a problem area, such as a fresh pimple! After spotting them on breakouts we wake up and the pimples are literally dried out and half the size. Our favourites would have to be;
Face masks:
We love a good face mask! We even drag our partners into doing them with us. We also have nights with our girlfriends where all we do is face masks and watch movies.
We generally will do a face mask twice a week. We find them most beneficial after arriving home from an overseas trip. They usually relax our skin and help to get it back to Normal after travelling.
Our favourites would have to be;
We hope this post answered a lot of your questions! If you have any skin tips for us be sure to let us know 🙂
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