MBFW 2017


And just like that MBFW is over.

Now its time to recap on the busy week of FARSHHUNNNNNNNN.

Lets start by saying this year we felt everyone dressed it down more than the previous years. There was definitely a ‘relaxed’ vibe going on.

We saw a lot more sneakers and less heels. But theres absolutely nothing wrong with that, we loved the casual looks!

In saying that, we must have missed the memo. We decided to rock the heels each day and let me tell you we paid for it! We have blisters over blisters over blisters on our feet…OUCH!

As tiring as it is to get ‘glam’ each day, we always are excited to attend fashion week. We absolutely love admiring the talent that comes out in each show. We were blown away by not only the designers pieces,  but the stage production, the presentation etc that comes along with it. Each designer once again NAILED IT.

Above are out outfits we wore.

OUTFIT 1: Danielle- Anine Bing denim jeans, Storets white blouse,Samantha wills earrings, David Jones snake skin heels, Gucci bag and Sandro Paris jacket.

Nicole- Isla Velvet navy dress, Sandro Paris blouse, Billini pointed heels and Sandro Paris Side bag.

OUTFIT 2: Danielle- Asos denim jeans, Hansen and Gretel wrap top, Billing heels and Dylan Kain tote.

Nicole- Hansen and Gretel shirt dress, Tony Bianco boots and Gucci side bag.

OUTFIT 3: Danielle- Topshop pants, Frances Hendrie white Tee, Topshop camel coat, Zara boots, Gucci bag and Pared eyewear glasses.

Nicole- Topshop high-wasted pants, Topshop white blouse, Topshop black coat, Billini shoes, Samantha Wills earrings and Pared eyewear glasses.

OUTFIT 4: Danielle- Camilla and Marc pants and top, Billing boots and Prada bag.

Nicole- Camilla and Marc black dress, Tony Bianco boots, Dylan Rain bag and Samantha Wills earrings.

OUTFIT 5: Danielle- ASOS Metallic jump suit, Interval black long sleeve top, Billing heels and Prada bag.

Nicole- ASOS metallic pants suits, Frances Hendrie white Tee, Furla Bag and snake skin heels.


Special Mention to these legends also:

Photography: Wesley Tan, Myles Kalus and Katie Fergus.

Makeup: The Makeup Society

Tans: The Spray Tan Society 



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