Today we want to talk about sustainability and what we believe is happening/ is going to happen to our beautiful oceans.
Each year more and more people are being educated on the effects of plastic in our eco system. Which is great!….however not everyone takes the knowledge onboard or applies it to their every day lives as much as we’d like. Did you know that roughly 8 million tons of plastic waste enter the world’s oceans each year? And this rate is growing…
It scares us to think of how much plastic we all use in our day to day lives, because it is convenient and is an easy way to live a busy life.
Plastic will never biodegrade. It will break into tiny pieces, however it will never actually go away. Plastic and it’s by product are littering our oceans, waterways and cities.
So this month we’ve teamed up with Shapes in the sand, an Australian made eco conscious swimwear label to help spread the message. Inspired by nature, their pieces are made from the regenerated fibre Econyl. Their current collection “Bloom” is a celebration of our coral reefs and marine ecosystems in which they’ve partnered with the Healthy Seas initiative to help keep our oceans clean.
These particular sets featured in the pictures were inspired by the moon jellyfish.
Also featured in the pictures above is my ROLL REUSABLE Water bottle and canvas bag. As most of you know I (Nicole) created a brand with my fiancé selling all things reusable. We want to encourage like minded individuals to help pave the way for a better future for generations to come. Each of our bottles sold provides fresh drinking water for two people in need in Nicaragua for up to 5 years with the help of our friends at  Waves for Water.
With this collaboration we want to promote positive change to our environment. We’d love to encourage more brands like ours to be aware of the materials they’re using and the impact their having on the environment

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