The Kingdom of Tonga

Photography by Justin Rolleston and yours truly 

The past week and I half I have been on the beautiful island of Tonga.
I have to be honest I don’t really know anyone that has ever visited Tonga before, it’s just one of those places that doesn’t get much attention.
So I’m going to tell you ALL about my holiday on the islands.
We flew straight from Sydney onto the main island of Nuku Alofa. We weren’t sure what to expect as we had seen online that many people had said “get off the main island straight away”… “the main island is dirty”…”don’t stay on the main island too long”. But WHAT!?? We weren’t sure what they were talking bout, the main island is STUNNING and actually quite a clean place considering how backwards and untouched it is.
By backwards I mean… BACKWARDS! We found it extremely hard to find much food in the grocery stores or even restaurants!
My friend had family in Tonga so we met up with them so they could show us around.
We were shown the beaches, the blow holes, the caves and so on. The island is honestly BEAUTIFUL!
After two days we flew into Vava-U which was a 45min plane ride (The tiniest plane might I add!).
Vava-U was even more untouched. We stayed at the stunning Mystic Sands where our house literally opened up onto the shore line where we had wharf and access to kayaks daily. I would recommend staying at Mystic Sands as you definitely get what you pay for (accomodation wise) however be careful of the hidden costs! while we were checking out we were stung with a 450TOP (roughly $290 AUD) bill.
They charged us $100 for breakfast each morning, in which we thought was already included in our payment as well as costs for transfers into town. My suggestion is to buy toast/cereal etc from the grocery stores to make your own breakfast each morning and hire a car to explore yourself if you want to keep it cheap!

Enough negativity….Vava-U is truely breathtaking, with endless amounts of palm trees and crystal clear waters. Its definitely worth seeing!
One day that ill definitely remember was when we teamed up with the guys from South Pacific Sailor. They took us on their yacht to swim with whales and explore secluded islands.
From mid July until the end of September its whale season in Tonga. The whales are seen daily coming close to the shores. We thought we’d try our luck sighting the whales, however we were unsuccessful. Moving on we stopped off at Ovalau for some snorkelling and lunch. We drank fresh coconut water straight out of the coconuts off the trees, I absolutely LOVED this day. But the day didn’t end there. On our way back we stopped off at swallows cave, which was an amazing bright blue cave perfect for snorkelling.

Considering I was only away for a week and a half it felt like I was there for a month! I was in need for a relaxing holiday and Tonga definitely delivered the goods.



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