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Danielle (left)- Vintage blazer, Vintage cream pants, Vintage basket bag from Etsy and Wittner slingback shoes.

Nicole (right)-  Matching Vintage Blazer and pants, Vintage bag and pointed heels from David Jones.

Vintage clothing is becoming more and more popular amongst Australians.  Although we’ve notice within our friends, you either LOVE it or HATE it.
We have friends that can’t stand searching through racks and racks of clothing in Vintage stores, they say it’s time consuming and can often smell. 
Then there are others who love second hand bargains and have the patients to go through the racks to find those incredible pieces.
We absolutely get where both are coming from but for us, we LOVEEE it. 
We didn’t always like the whole “vintage look” back when we started our blog, we were all about chic/clean/monochrome pieces, we wouldn’t have even thought about vintage clothing. However now you’ll notice at least one of us is rocking the vintage look. 
We’ve been quite lucky with our purchases, recently Danielle went to LA and came across three popular vintage stores around Melrose. She bought the set I’m wearing (Nicole) and also bought the brown bag in the same store. Mind you she was in the store for over an hour and was on face time to me deciding Which pieces to get.
They have such a huge diverse range of clothing and accessories in the states from old Vintage tees, to denim jeans to earthy toned suites. They had it all.
Recently we raided our parents and grand parents cupboards to find many treasures they have kept over the years and boy did our Nan have some goodies! lets just say don’t let your elders throw out anything until they run it past you! remember that
“One mans trash is another mans treasure”. LOL!
We’ve found that more and more vintage stores are going online, which is extremely handy when most of “the good stuff” comes from America.
Here are a few to keep an eye on;
Let us know your favourite online vintage stores!

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